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Personal Coaching

Aligned to focus on setting better goals, taking more action and responsibility as well as determine whats holding you back and in turn, getting you where you need to be.

Team Coaching & Development

Team sessions that focus on improvement as a team player and aliging to the building blocks that is the foundation of a successful team.

Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching for developing leadership skills, ability to build relationships, overcome challenges, accelerated growth and reaching targets & goals.

Organisational development and change management

Customized solutions to meet your individual, organisational or company requirements in order to achieve a goal.

One-time sessions

Courses on coaching, lifestyle management, financial planning and dealing with affects of coronavirus (Covid19).

Divorce Coaching

Developed for those going through divorces with the aim of creating awareness, dealing with expectations and adapting to single life.

Co-parenting Coaching

This coaching programming has been developmed to engage with either or both parents to ensure there is a smooth transition for the children prior to, during and after seperation or divorce.

Transition Coaching

Support coaching for individuals undergoing change in their life or career, managing fear or doubts when they arise.

Academic and Life Coaching for Children

Developed for children up to ages 18 to assess their progress, help them make informed decisions and guide them to achieve their goals.

All our sessions are virtual so you have no worries. You can join in from the comfort of your own office or home.

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